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“Hello Folks, I received the U.S. plate and belt. Just to let you know I am very pleased with your product. This was my second order from your company and again I am impressed with the purchase. Your response was prompt and the quality exceeds my expectations. I Thank You Very Much.”

Tom Aderhold
Stone Mountain, Ga.

“I felt I needed to write and tell you folks I received the the fine belt and spoon CS plate I ordered. I thank you for the excellent quality and craftsmanship, prompt response and fair price of the items. The color and hue of the red brass plate is above and beyond my expectations, the thickness of the russet belt and quality of hardware indicates the mark of a true craftsperson who has their heart in the job. As a 60 plus yr. young reenactor, back in the day when I started this type of quality was rare and very expensive. Thanks to folks like you the younger people now have a chance to enter the hobby with available items on the internet even on a tight budget. Again, Thank You, I am pleased and my belt and CS plate will be an heirloom to be passed to the next generation that cares. Also, the neatsfoot oil was a great touch included with my order. The younger folks need to know this stuff to properly care for leather. An old Reb...”

Tom Aderhold
Stone Mountain, Ga.

"I received the belt and buckle today that I ordered from you on Sunday, March 23, 2008.

I am extremely pleased with the quality and price of the belt and buckle that was ordered. Your craftsmanship is "First Rate" and reminds me of the quality of the original items that I have seen and examined throughout the past 30 years in the reenacting hobby.

I am also grateful for the outstanding customer service and the timely manner in which my order was processed and shipped. I will contact you for additional items as needed in the future."

Bruce Linton
Turner's Battery, Co. C., 1st Miss. Light Artillery

"I received my Lemat holster today and it is grand, a custom fit holster and fine craftsmanship have come together for a very satisfied customer, thanks so much ."
Your Obedient Servant ,
Col. Richard Webster Commanding
43rd Va. Cav.  (Maryland Charter)

"I purchased a Virginia saber belt from you this past weekend at Cedar Creek. You took the time and fit it to me and made sure it was correct. I am really particular on authenticity and the craftsmanship of my equipment. I must say the saber belt I bought form you is the best ever and the service was beyond any I have ever encountered. I received many compliments on the belt. I will never hesitate in ordering from you again. I do need a pistol cartridge box and cap pouch to match the saber belt."

Thank You Again !!!!!!

Major Wayne Unger
3rd Regiment Field Hospital / DNV

"Another endorsement! I had the pleasure of purchasing a Federal NCO belt from you at Neshaminy. I have nothing but praise for both your product and your operation. The buckle compares very favorably with images in EOG and museum examples. The belt itself seems more in line with the weight of the leather in original belting and straps I've handled. Plus the belt goes all the way around!"

Best Wishes,
Hugh Brennan
Sgt. 3rd NJVI

"Wow!!! It seems like no sooner did I fax in my order than my fireman's belt arrived at my door! Four day delivery time is truly a record, especially on a custom item like this! I am thrilled with the belt. It is all I hoped it would be, and I couldn't wait to order one since I first saw them on display at Neshaminy. Please stay tuned, I will be ordering a fire helmet frontpiece from you soon! (Working on getting the specs/photos taken now!) Again, thank you a million times over for your great work on this item and on all the stuff I've obtained from you in the past. You're definitely 'tops' in my sutler book!"

Best regards,
Marc A. Hermann
14th "Brooklyn" N.Y.S.M. Society of New York, Inc., Company H


“The products of Dell's Leather Works are characterized by Commendable research and craftsmanship.”

Brian Pohanka, Historian, Capt. 5th NY

“This letter is in support of the use of Dell’s Leather Works to supply the officers and men of the Regiment with high quality leather goods.”

Steven G. Workman, Quartermaster National Regiment

  • Ron Tunison, Historical Sculptor

  • Scot Washburn, Col. Mifflin Guard

  • Bill David, Lt. Col. Mifflin Guard

  • Andy Waskie, Maj. Mifflin Guard

  • Anday Siganuk, Adjutant Mifflin Guard

  • Pete Bedrossian, Capt. 150th NY National Regiment

  • Mark Adler, Capt. 119th NY National Regiment

  • Charles LaRocca, Capt. 124th NY USV

  • Mick Cunnings, Lt. 33rd NJ, Mifflin Guard

  • James McElhinney, Chief Engineer, National Regiment, Author "Civil War Pioneers", A Reenactor's Notebook.

“Dells Leather Works has been making exact reproductions of the Enfield Sling for our Regiment.”

Mark Adler, Capt. 119th NY National Regiment

“Dell's has continued to raise the standards for leather reproductions. They have been a great asset to our regiment.”

Dick Straight, Capt. 125th NY, Mifflin Guard

“It is a pleasure to deal with a fellow reenactor, who pays attention to detail, authenticity and delivers when promised. The quality is exceptional and prices very reasonable. Dell's is a pleasure to deal with.”

 Chris Piering, 2nd Lt., 122th New York

“My order arrived yesterday and I was very happy with it. Quality materials and craftsmanship, and great customer service. Once again my sincere thanks for the quality goods and speedy service.”

Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,
Tim Prince, 48th Tennessee Infantry (CSA)


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