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Enlisted Manís Belt
  1. The Fighting Men of the Civil War, page 147
  2. Echoes of Glory Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy, page 196, 199, 202
  3. Accoutrement Plates  North and South  1861-1865 by Wm. G. Gavin. Published 1963

     "One unsolved mystery regarding the hook and stud arrangements on the large "US" oval waist belt plates continues to puzzle collectors.  In some instances the single hook is found on the "U" end of the plate and in others on the "S" end. The two studs are, of course, reversed likewise. It is possible that this variation is intentional and that the location varied depending upon whether the plate was intended for use by cavalry or infantry. No definite information is known regarding this point, nor is it touched upon in any of the regulations."

The last statement is critical.  Also, the term "hook and stud"  is used clearly on an illustration of the so called  "puppy paw" plate.

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