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Springfield Rifle Sling 

The US regulation sling was a leather strap, 46 " long and 1 1/4" or 1-1/2" wide, with a captive loop at one end, a brass hook at the other, and a sliding keeper between (US Ordinance Manual, 1861, p. 228).  The leather specified was "russet bag leather", which was a brown color, lighter weight leather.  It was not the bright orange-red of most reproductions, but was a medium brown that darkened after it was oiled. There should be no rivets, except those holding the hook on.  The captive loop and the sliding keeper were sewn, not riveted.  The hook should be a flat brass hook with a point, about 3/4" long.  It should not be made of brass or iron wire. The end of the sling should be folded over and sewn, and the back of the hook should pass between these leather pieces, and be riveted with two small brass rivets. These slings were designed for US rifle muskets, such as the M1855/61 series.

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