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Please note that the products we create for you in this section are available by special request only and are not part of our shopping cart system. We do not maintain stock on any item on this page. All are made on a custom order basis per your specifications. However, accurate as they may be, we do not identify, guarantee or document their issue or usage during the Civil War period with a Historical Citation unless noted. Delivery time is dependent on item complexity and workload. We would be pleased to discuss any special needs for your custom order. Please use our Mail Order Form link at left. These products require a 50% deposit in advance. Any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (845) 339-4916.

Custom Notebook

Camera Box

Lady's Hat Box

Field Glass Case

Spy Glass Case

Custom Satchel/Portfolio

CST001 CST002 CST003 CST004 CST005 CST006
Camera Box Lady's Hat
Field Glass Case Spy Glass Case Custom Satchel Portfolio

19th Century Knife Sheath
CST007 CST009 CST010 CST011 CST012 CST013
Private Contract Holsters Custom Leather Satchel 19th Century Knife Sheath Leather Harness for Civilian Bottle 18th Century Leather Game Pouch NEW!
Mountain Man / Possibles Satchel
CST014 CST015
NEW! Leather-Covered Antique Teardrop Glass Bottle with Strap NEW! Leather-Covered Antique “Blob Top” Torpedo Bottle
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