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Knapsacks, Haversacks & Pouches
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Ration Bags
PCH001 PCH002 PCH017 PCH003 PCH007 PCH012
Soft Knapsack – “Kibbler”
US Army, Mexican War Design
M1864 Double Bag Soft Pack Knapsack (Mid-Late War Issue Soft Pack) Hard Pack “Box Knapsack” M1864 Double Bag Soft Pack - U.S. Regulation
Own” Soft Pack Knapsack Kit
Late War
Poke Sack/Ration Bags
Tobacco Pouch
PCH013 PCH006 PCH008 PCH011 PCH015 PCH004
Oil Cloth Blanket Cartridge Box
(medium quality)
Early War Bayonet Scabbard with Brass Tip Pocket Watch
Cover with Flap
Dispatch Case
PCH016 MCS022 MCS023
Document or Print Tube Cavalry Velise Leather Cover for Medical Amputation Kit
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