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M1862 Colt Police Pistol Holster

Front - Right & Left Mount - Black - Strap Closure

Rear - Left & Right  Mount - Black

Made from 7 oz. russet or black bag leather. Copied from an original made for a 1862 Colt Police Pistol which is 2/3 the size of a full size Army/Navy Colt. Available in other private contract models.
Please specify color, mount and direction. 

PLEASE NOTE the following when ordering holsters:

Our pistol holster for the Pocket Police is copied from an original document to have been carried during the conflict. (see Historical Citation below).

However, there has been some confusion in holsters for the 1862 Police Pistol made by Cabella’s. Their version is built on a full size frame and is similar to the full-size Colt Army, but with a barrel 3” shorter. We have developed a pattern for a holster to accommodate this model and it is identical to our Colt Army Holster, but is 3” shorter. Our Police holster fits their 36-caliber pocket model. Please be aware of this when ordering and note the option for a 5-1/2" or 6-1/2" barrel length.

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HLT005 M1862 Colt Police Pistol Holster with Strap $57.00

Barrel Length:

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