Officer/NCO Spoon Buckle or Do-it-Yourself Belt for 2pc buckle

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This belt is made for the spoon buckle or rectangle plate. Made of 8 oz. leather, 1-1/2" wide or to the width of your buckle loops, length is custom fit (no charge), brass hook and leather keeper. Available in Russet or Black. This belt, as you can see from the photo above, is made to be fitted to the buckle. Our inventory of buckles is constantly changing. Please call us to verify availability. There is no additional charge for buckle attachment. This item can also be shipped with needle and thread with holes already punched for finishing with your own buckle.  You can go to our Belt Ordering Policy to get the correct measurement for your belt.

NOTE: Prices above are only for the belt to be attached to a buckle. If you wish, you must go to our Buckle Listing to choose and purchase a buckle to go with these belts.

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Confederate Split Buckle Belt
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NOTE: Please take extra care and follow these easy directions for sizing your belt.


Military belts worn in the 19th century were generally worn around the wearer's navel area. If you are ordering your belt for Civil War reenacting, you should measure accurately the full distance (point-to-point circumference) around your naval area with a cloth tape measure and preferably with your uniform on the way you would be wearing it (including a sash if applicable). Please do not send us your modern jeans waist size for a belt worn for military use!  Do not include the buckle in your measurement.  We will make all necessary adjustments.


If you are ordering a belt specifically to be worn with modern civilian casual wear (jeans), then you must measure the circumference of your waist only, point-to-point.


We will not be responsible for belt returns that are too small due to customer measurement error. So please be sure to follow the directions above. There is no charge for shortening your Dell's Leather Works belts, however, the customer is responsible for shipping.


— Dell's Leather Works