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M1864 Double Bag Soft Pack - U.S. Regulation
“Make-Your-Own” Soft Pack Knapsack Kit

Leather and Hardware Kit to “Make-Your-Own” Soft Pack. Everything you need except the canvas to create your own soft pack.

The non-rigid knapsack was the most common style in use during the Civil War. Finish for these knapsacks was generally painted canvas. The straps could be hooked to the 1855 Rifleman's belt or strapped across the chest. The Federal infantryman was expected to carry a double wool blanket, shelter half (tent), gum blanket (used as a ground cloth or poncho), mess equipment, toilet articles and spare clothing. The knapsack had a flapped bag and a four-flapped compartment. On top of the pack were loops for attaching an overcoat/bedroll. See our Citation of Roll Your Own Overcoat for instructions written by Private Pickmattock.

Inventory List for US Issued Soft Pack Knapsack Kit (Canvas not included)
Contractor - Robinson 1864

  1. 7-page construction sketches detailed from an original soft Pack by graphic artist and renown CW equipment replicater Robert H. Sickler.
  2. Set of (2) Shoulder Straps/Chest Straps/ Adjustment Straps per original specs with added 4" length to fit the modern reenacter. Complete with sewn-in quality Brass Studs and Brass Belt Hooks (not shown).
  3. (1) Brass Triangle, 1-1/4" Japanned Buckle, and Attachment (pre-sewn) for adjusting shoulder straps.
  4. (3) 5/8" Exterior Bag Straps.
  5. (1) Brass Hook and Leather Attachment.
  6. (1) 1-1/4" Japanned Buckle, Leather Attachment, and Loop (pre-sewn).
  7. (3) 5/8" Japanned Buckles, Leather Attachments, and Loops for bag straps (pre-sewn).
  8. (2) 5/8" Japanned Buckles, Leather Attachments, and Loops for compartment flaps (pre-sewn).
  9. (2) 5/8" wide Leather Straps for compartment flaps.
  10. (2) Interior Leather Panels for shoulder strap reinforcement and compartment bottom.
  11. (1) 5/8" Leather Hang Loop to "stick" your bedroll.
  12. (4) Leather Braces for bedroll straps.
  13. (4) Leather Backing Reinforcement for the strap braces.
  14. (4) White Buff Bag Ties.
  15. (4) White Buff Leather Reinforcements for bag ties.
  16. (4) #2 Copper Rivets and Burrs (must be cut to desired length during riveting).
  17. (3) Heavy-duty Sewing Needles and Waxed Linen Thread for use in sewing all attachments to your soft pack.
  18. (7) Leather Backing Reinforcements for bag straps, compartment flap buckles & straps (plus a few extras).

NOTE: (canvas not included)

Replacement Shoulder Straps and Overcoat/Bedroll Straps are available separately.

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PCH003 M1864 Double Bag Soft Pack - U.S. Regulation
“Make-Your-Own” Soft Pack Knapsack Kit

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