CS Script 2pc Gold Brass Spoon Plate and Belt with Adjusting Hook Ca. 1861 - 1865 BKL006

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Sand-cast brass. The tongue disc makes a sharp step-up from the tongue bar. The reverse of the disc bears a rough impression of the letters “CS”. This draw-down happens during the casting process as the brass cools. Also, note the beveled edges on the connecting bars - a standard feature of this style. This plate was probably made by the same Richmond foundries responsible for the Va. style two-piece CS buckles. It is found in the Va. theater.


The belt is made of 8 oz. leather, length is custom fit to customer's size with a brass hook and 2 keepers for Military or for Jeans it is available without the hook if requested. Available in Russet, Black and Natural oiled (white buff when available. This belt is made to the dimensions of your buckle 


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“Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates” by Steve E. Mullinax, Pg. 8 plate #002