Police Colt Holster M1862 (HLT005)

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Made from 7 oz. russet or black leather. Copied from an original made for a 1862 Colt Police Pistol which is 2/3 the size of a full size Army/Navy Colt. Available in other private contract models. Starting at $25.00
Please specify color, mount and direction. 

Our pistol holster for the Pocket Police is copied from an original document to have been carried during the conflict. (see Historical Citation below)



  1. An original Colt Navy Revolver holster was loaned to Dells for "patterning & reproduction" purposes by John Petersen of Poughquag, NY. John's Grandfather, Maurice Petersen acquired this and several other pieces from a descendant of Thomas Britton, the officer who owned the items. Capt. Britton served with the Army from 1847-1873, a career man, and has quite an interesting history. For more information about this officer's career, e-mail to
  2. Fighting Men of the Civil War, Pg. 70, 91, 99
  3. Russet pistol holster copied from an original in the collection of Captain Mark Adler, 119th NY, National Regiment.
  4. Fighting Men of the Civil War, Pg. 100