Enfield Sling Attachment Instructions

Enfield Rifle Sling - Attachment Directions

  1. Take the thong out of all the holes from the end of the strap.

  2. Disassemble the sling by pulling the thong end out of the 2 keepers, leaving the keepers in place.

  3. Sling the thong end of the strap through the top loop of the musket that is near the end of the barrel, making sure the back of the strap is facing away from the gun.

  4. Send the thong end back through the 2 keepers and pull the sling down to the bottom loop by the trigger.

  5. Loop the thong under the loop and through it and send the thong through the underside by the trigger to the outer side of the sling and tie off, clipping some of the excess. Leave enough to re-tie it in the future.

(Follow photo sequence left to right and down)

1.    enfieldattach001.jpg    2.   enfieldattach002.jpg


3.   enfieldattach003.jpg    4.   enfieldattach004.jpg


5.   enfieldattach005.jpg    6.  enfieldattach006.jpg


7.   enfieldattach007.jpg    8.  enfieldattach008.jpg


9.   enfieldattach009.jpg   10.  enfieldattach010.jpg


11. enfieldattach011.jpg   12. enfieldattach012-1-.jpg