Enlisted Man's Belt with Buckle - Starting $52.00 BLT004

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Belt is made of 6 oz. leather and is 1-7/8" wide. All belts are custom fitted. Available with or without keeper or a lead filled US / SNY "Puppy Paw" buckle or OVM lead filled with arrow hooks. These belts also are also available with Clipped Corner and Plain Oval cast brass buckles $35.00 (total $63.00 with belt and keeper).  Currently the CS OVAL PLATES ARE OUT OF STOCK.

Belts are available in russet, black or white buff. Edges are not grooved or dyed.  This belt can be made for your buckle with your dimensions for a 1 piece buckle only.  Click here to go to our Belt Plates and Buckles listing.  Please go to our Belt Ordering Policy to get your correct waist measurement.


Historical Citation:

  1. The Fighting Men of the Civil War, page 147
  2. Echoes of Glory Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy, page 196, 199, 202
  3. Accoutrement Plates  North and South  1861-1865 by Wm. G. Gavin. Published 1963

     "One unsolved mystery regarding the hook and stud arrangements on the large "US" oval waist belt plates continues to puzzle collectors.  In some instances the single hook is found on the "U" end of the plate and in others on the "S" end. The two studs are, of course, reversed likewise. It is possible that this variation is intentional and that the location varied depending upon whether the plate was intended for use by cavalry or infantry. No definite information is known regarding this point, nor is it touched upon in any of the regulations."


The last statement is critical.  Also, the term "hook and stud"  is used clearly on an illustration of the so called  "puppy paw" plate.

Brought to our attention by:

Christopher Wilson
SAC  Co.
Liberty Rifles



NOTE: Please take extra care and follow these easy directions for sizing your belt.


Military belts worn in the 19th century were generally worn around the wearer's navel area. If you are ordering your belt for Civil War reenacting, you should measure accurately the full distance (point-to-point circumference) around your naval area with a cloth tape measure and preferably with your uniform on the way you would be wearing it (including a sash if applicable). Please do not send us your modern jeans waist size for a belt worn for military use!  Do not include the buckle in your measurement.  We will make all necessary adjustments.


If you are ordering a belt specifically to be worn with modern civilian casual wear (jeans), then you must measure the circumference of your waist only, point-to-point.


We will not be responsible for belt returns that are too small due to customer measurement error. So please be sure to follow the directions above. There is no charge for shortening your Dell's Leather Works belts, however, the customer is responsible for shipping.


— Dell's Leather Works


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  • 5
    US enlisted belt

    Posted by Josh on May 15th 2024

    Great quality like several other products I have purchased. Shipping was quick as well which is nice compared to waiting weeks from some vendors.

  • 5
    Enlisted man’s belt with buckle

    Posted by Gary K on May 14th 2024

    A very high quality product at a good price. Excellent craftsmanship and I received my order in less than a week. Thank you!

  • 5
    Belt and buckle

    Posted by Eric on Mar 24th 2023

    Very well made. Historically accurate and proudly made in the USA. Plus it’s reasonably priced. What else could you want?