Fireman/Fire Zouave Parade Belt with or without Pinkered Edge from $185.00 to $250.00

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19th Century Fire Zouave Belt used by Firemen of the time and their Baseball Teams

This belt is made of multi-layers of leather and canvas. The front surface of the belt is 4oz. leather and the backing is medium weight tarred canvas. There is an inlayed leather scroll cut into the center of the belt with your choice of fire company in raised letters sewn on to a colored background. The belts are available with or without a decorative colored trim made of a pinkered cut leather strip as shown. The belt is fastened with a 1" japanned roller buckle which connects to a 7/8" x 8-1/2" long strip of leather riveted into the back of the belt. There is also a decorative leather cuff buckle with inlaid design of your choice with your choice of number, letter or emblem.  

Price for no Trim - $185.00   Price with Trim $250.00

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Historical Citation:

See note from Brian Pohanka;

  1. This historical belt was copied from originals found by Cpl. David Plass, 5th NY Duryea Zouaves, in the Hudson Firemen's Museum in Hudson NY.


As President Thompson noted, Dell's Leatherworks is offering leather Fire Belts as worn by many of the 11th NY Fire Zouaves. I saw these at the recent Officers & NCOs School, and they are very well done indeed. From a historical standpoint I thought I would pass on some of the NY Volunteer Fire Companies represented in the ranks of the Fire Zouaves. Each Engine or Hose Company had a "motto" which was emblazoned on the belt -- "Washington", "Oceanus", etc. Brownell (Ellsworth's Avenger) had "Premier" which was his fire company in Troy, NY.

Engine 25 "Cataract", Hose 42 "Mazeppa"

Engine 9 "Marion", Engine 16 "Mohawk", Engine 40 "Lady Washington"

Hose 41 "Alert"

Engine 34 "Howard"

Hose 7 "Ringgold", Hose 22 "Phoenix"

Engine 6 "Americus"

Hose 2 "Niagara", Engine 13 "Eagle"

Engine 20 "Washington"

Engine 11 "Oceanus", Hose 15 "Atlantic"

Engine 14 "Colombian"

Others were represented as well, most of the Volunteer Fire Companies had men in the Fire Zouaves. But these are ones that sent a large number into the Fire Zouaves.

Best wishes
Capt. Pohanka


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