Shoulder Strap for Deluxe Model Sword Belt with Specialty Shield Buckle

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 This shoulder strap is made for the deluxe model sword belts. It has a 2-piece strap with a custom made sand cast brass buckle. Strap is available in black, russet, or white buff.


Historical Citation:

  1. This buckle is copied from an original in the collection of Steve Workman, retired Regimental Quartermaster, National Regiment.


******Please read instructions for sizing your belt and/or shoulder strap . Failure to do so will insure an incorrect fit. We will not be responsible for incorrect sizing if you do not read our instructions. Use the drop menu to select your measured sizes to the nearest whole size in inches.




Use a fabric style tape measure (links are provided as example):


A. The Enlisted Officer shoulder strap comes with a hook for sizing – with 5 holes to use


B. Deluxe shoulder strap with buckle sizing – with 5 holes.


Please give a point-to-point measurement by using the directions below:


1 – Start your measurement at approximately 8" to the left side of your navel. It should sit on your left hip.** If you are larger than a 48" waist, you may need to add another inch so it hangs properly from your left hip in front around to the same left hip in the back, still keeping level with your navel.


2 – Put the sling over your right shoulder – putting it in place near your neck so as not to give it improper slack.


3 – Finish the measurement at your back left hip to the left of your spine, again in line with your navel. This is where the sling hooks on the back of the belt. It should be in line with the buttons on the back of your frock, which is where the belt is supposed to sit.


4 – An approximate guide number for shorter reenactors is about 42", and up to 46-47" for an average reenactor, right up to 50" if you are more portly. We can cut them any way you wish.


**All other measurements leave to


— Dell's Leather Works